[NAS 2015] On the Cooling of Energy Efficient Storage

On the Cooling of Energy Efficient Storage [PDF] by Jian Zhou, Jun Wang, Wu Fei, Changsheng Xie, and Dezhi Han.

Abstract—Energy consumption has become an important issue in storage systems. Existing  energy control solutions emphasize power consumption without considering re- liability degradation that results from overburden of those long standing disks. In this paper, we develop a novel multiple criteria optimization scheme based on Fuzzy Decision Making theory, for the Cool Energy Efficient Storage System called CEES. CEES aims to enforce a temperature constraint as well as performance requirements while also keeping energy consumption to a minimum. This is achieved by aggregating all the decision criteria, such as I/O performance, power consumption, temperature and frequency of disk-status transition. We first calculate the satisfaction degree of each criteria. Then, we use the weighted averaging satisfaction degree to determine the system control sequence. The experimental results show that CEES is able to reduce disk temperature by 20-30% as compared with existing control methods, while obtaining comparable performance and power consumption.