Locality-Sensitive Hashing (LSH)

Scala LSH project

Similarity Measure

Similarity measure is a real-valued function that quantifies the similarity between two objects. Although no single definition of a similarity measure exists, usually such measures are in some sense the inverse of distance metrics.

  • Cosine similarity
  • Euclidean similarity
  • Nucleotide similarity
  • Amino acid similarity
  • Hamming similarity
  • Jaccard similarity

Types of LSH



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Finding Nearest Neighbors

Additional Reading

Issues for LSH

  1. SPARK-5992 Locality Sensitive Hashing (LSH) for Spark
  2. spark/pull/15148

Implement Locality Sensitive Hashing along with approximate nearest neighbors and approximate similarity join based on the design doc.

Detailed changes are as follows:

  1. Implement abstract LSH, LSHModel classes as Estimator-Model
  2. Implement approxNearestNeighbors and approxSimilarityJoin in the abstract S.Model
  3. Implement Random Projection as LSH subclass for Euclidean distance, Min a.h for Jaccard Distance
  4. Implement unit test utility methods including checkLshProperty, checkNearestNeighbor and checkSimilarityJoin

Things that will be implemented in a follow-up PR:

  • Bit Sampling for Hamming Distance, SignRandomProjection for Cosine Distance
  • PySpark Integration for the scala classes and methods.