Spin-Transfer Torque RAM (STT-RAM)

Spin-Transfer Torque RAM (STT-RAM) has emerged as a potential candidate for Universal memory.

Integrating Cygwin, MiKTeX, Java Maven and IntelliJ IDEA in Windows

I get a new Windows laptop. I plan to give Windows a try. The pain of using windows is it is often not easy to get different application highly integrated by default. This is how I set up the most important developing environment I use.

Abstraction of Functional programming

As shown by Google trend, the functional programming is becoming popular again in recent years. Functional programming is not a brand new idea. It’s concept is first used in Lisp since 1950s. And it is popular again in the big data era when the parallel programming and scalability is a must in the program developments.

Java 8 Improvements

Oracle no longer release public update for Java 7 since April 2015, after Java’s 20 year’s birthday. It’s time to move forward to Java 8.