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Paper Discussion 2/26/2019

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Ariel - simulate real applications in SST

SST simulator is an event based simulator. To simulate real applications, we need to use externel module (PIN tool) to convert the instructions to a set of SST events. This work is doen by the Ariel component.

Simulators for Computer Archtecture

These simulation tools (toys) are developed for computer-system architecture research.

Install SST Simulator in Ubuntu

This document intended to make the installation of SST Simulator on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS more easier and quicker.

Scalajs in Production

Play framework is my choice of backend solution. But for the frontend, I can not avoid to write Javascript code. It is a disaster for me. Whenever I want to upgrade my website I will experience some break down time, only because the JavaScript is not type-safe. And as a one-man team, I do not have enough man power to test every corner cases in each release.

Treiber Stack and ABA problem

Treiber Stack is a classical example of incorrect scalable lock-free stack. When a value is read twice, has the same value for both reads, and “value is the same” is used to indicate “nothing has changed”. It then use a compare-and-swap (CAS) atomic instruction to update the stack. It suffers from the ABA problem. The value can be changed twice between the two reads.

Sync Thunderbird Filter through Dropbox

Thunderbird is my favorite email client. It works perfect with a IMAP Server. The only inconvenience is it do not have a build-in solution to sync message filters between computers, nor does it has an actively maintained filter import/export plugin. So far, the best solutions I find is to use Dropbox to sync the message filter rules.