How to run Hadoop Map-Reduce Program

Hadoop comes with a set of demonstration programs. They are located in here.

How to compile a Hadoop Program

Before compiling your first hadoop program, please see the instructions on how to run the WordCount Example.

Applying KNN To MNIST Dataset

The MNIST is a set of handwritten digits images. You can download it by using Makefile:

Bash (Shell) Script To Compare Date And Time

I come across the need to compare the time and date in shell.

Here is how I did.

Delete Huge Number Of Files

It is time consuming to delete huge number of files by rm.

rsync is more efficient in doing it.

JSON-RPC over Golang Websocket

Basic ideas

Uncompress Initramfs

Initramfs is a temporary “root” filesystem that help finding and loading your real root.

It is often located in /boot directory.

You can checkout the compress mothod by the following command:

Uncompress Vmlinuz

The vmlinuz file contains other things besides the gzipped content, so you need to find out where the gzipped content starts. To do that, use:

Latex Multi-line Equation and Left/Right Align


Removing ^M Characters In Vim

If you edit files in gedit or notepad and ^M characters would be

inserted. After that you could not simply remove ^M in VIM with

the following command:

Spell checking in VIM

Use :set spell to turn on spell-checking.

:help spell will give you all the details.