I/O Traces

  • SNIA Trace consist a collection of Block I/O Traces, NFS Traces and System Call Traces.
  • FIU IODedup and SRCMap Traces.
  • Microsoft Enterprise Traces include Exchange Server Traces and TPC-C benchmark traces collected at Microsoft using the event tracing for Windows framework.
  • UMassTraceRepository provide traces collected from OLTP Application I/O and Search Engine I/O.
  • IOTTA: Application, Block I/O, NFS, Parallel, SSSI WIOCP Metrics, Static Snapshots, System Call Traces.
  • tesla.hpl.hp.com cello92, cello96, cello99, File System Traces, hplajw traces from 1992, OpenMail traces, TPC-C, TPC-D.
  • Maryland I/O on Parallel Computers The application suite includes DB2, a datamining application for retail data, a parallel web server, parallel text search, Titan (satellite database), LU factorization and Sparse Cholesky factorization.
  • MPI IO TEST{.broken_link} traces were collected using LANL-Trace (V 1.0.0) on the LANL MPI_IO test (V 1.00.020) application.
  • PLFS Maps{.broken_link} is a set of PLFS index files as well as a set of visualizations for a variety of different workloads.
  • SNL Trace Data is S3d I/O kernel trace, CTH trace, Alegra trace.
# Bash Script to download UMass Storage Trace

files="Financial1.spc Financial2.spc WebSearch1.spc WebSearch2.spc WebSearch3.spc"

mkdir -p trace
cd trace

for file in $files; do
    wget ${url_path}/${file}.bz2

bunzip2 *