Parallel I/O

IOR HPC Benchmark_ is used for benchmarking parallel file
systems using POSIX, MPIIO, or HDF5 interfaces.
LANL MPI-IO Test_ is built on top of MPI’s I/O calls
and is used to gather timing information for reading from
and writing to file(s) using a variety of I/O profiles;
N processes writing to N files, N processes writing to one file,
N processes sending data
Los Alamos National Laboratory_
Computer Science Research & Data Codes HEC FSIO
maintains several open-source and data projects in order to promote collaboration
on high-performance computing research and development.
MADbench2 is a tool for testing the overall integrated performance of the I/O,
communication and calculation subsystems of massively parallel architectures
under the stresses of a real scientific application.
MPI Tile I/O_ a set of benchmarks for use in characterizing the performance of
a parallel I/O system.
NAS Parallel Benchmarks_ Consist of computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
applications, “pencil-and-paper” specification, MPI and OpenMP
Parallel I/O Benchmarks_
a list of Parallel I/O Benchmarks
PARKBENCH 99_ a parallel I/O benchmark suite
TPC Benchmarks_
Fstress_ is a synthetic, flexible, self-scaling NFS file service benchmark whose primary goal is flexibility.

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