Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has made rapid progress in recent years in a wide variety of domains1. The desire of creating intelligence dates back to the ancient. Xunzi (310 - 235 BC) 2 has a accurate description about perception and intelligence. In thousands of years, human beings invented a lot of machines to help do many kinds of work. However, artificial intelligence is becoming possible only until we invented programmable computers. In the early days of computer science, we are seeking ways to describe problems in a way that computers can process. As computers is becoming capable to do more and more jobs, our productivity have been greatly improved. Unfortunately, for a long time, the job that the computers can do are straightforward, since it is chanllege for us to program even “simple” tasks. For example, we do not know how to program in human language, let along, to make a machine that can do reasoning.


  1. AI INDEX 2017 ANNUAL REPORT 人工智能指数 2017 年度报告 

  2. 《荀子》: 知之在人者谓之知,知有所合谓之智。所以能之在人者谓之能,能有所合谓之能。(Google Translation: The ability to know things in people is called perception. The understanding of things is consistent with the nature of things called wisdom. The ability to deal with things in people is called instinct. The instinct’s disposal is in line with the essence of things called talent.)