Trim SSDs through ioctl in Java/Scala

18 Sep 2015

Trim Command is defined for SSDs to mask which data are discarded. This low level ATA command can be submitted from the user space by ioctl (see: Manually trim solid-state drivers (SSDs) in Linux).

The c code used to submit trim command is:

#define BLKDISCARD _IO(0x12,119)

#define BLKSECDISCARD  _IO(0x12,125)

uint64_t range[2];

range[0] = 0;
range[1] = ULLONG_MAX;

if (secure) {
  if (ioctl(fd, BLKSECDISCARD, &range))
    err(EXIT_FAILURE, _("%s: BLKSECDISCARD ioctl failed"), path);
} else {
  if (ioctl(fd, BLKDISCARD, &range))
    err(EXIT_FAILURE, _("%s: BLKDISCARD ioctl failed"), path);

My purpose is to run this function in Scala. Checkout this post to see how to call libc code in Scala. The trim function in scala is:

  def trim(offset:Long, length:Long):Int = { // length = N * page size
    val range = Array(offset, length)
    if ( fd != 0 ) {
      libc.ioctl(fd, 0x1277, range)
    } else -1